Individual Responsibilities

Individuals are expected to behave in a manner, which maintains the therapeutic environment and is respectful of others.

  1. Show respect for others at all times.  This includes addressing others with courtesy, avoiding the use of profanity, respecting others’ personal space, and avoiding comments, which are meant to threaten, intimidate or belittle others.

  2. Wear clothing that is not disruptive to the therapeutic environment; such as tight or revealing clothing, or items, symbols, or slogans that may be offensive to others; appropriateness of the attire will be determined by the Program Manager and Clinician.

  3.  Participate fully in the treatment program and do not willfully sleep, wander, or engage in other activities that disrupt the group or individual sessions such as talking with others or horseplay.

  4. The use of tobacco products is allowed outside the building in a designated smoking area only.  Break times for Day Program and Residential Programs are regularly scheduled.

  5. While social interaction is encouraged, sexual contact or unwanted or sexual advances is prohibited while on Clayton Center Community Service Board premises.

  6. Weapons of any kind are prohibited while on the premises

  7. Criminal activity of any kind, such as assault, theft, destruction of property, possession of illicit medications, selling or distributing medications or indecent exposure, etc. is strictly prohibited.

  8. You are expected to remain at the facility during group hours, if applicable.  If you need to leave the facility, please inform the staff and sign out.

  9. To avoid conflict with peers, please refrain from borrowing or lending money or other items.  No gambling is allowed at any time.

If the individual behaves in a manner that willfully disrupts or hinders his or her treatment or the treatment being provided to other consumers, the consumer may be told to leave the premises and treatment may be re-scheduled or (in some cases) terminated.  If behavior is deemed to be of imminent danger to self or others, staff may utilize emergency interventions as necessary.

This Individual Responsibilities Statement does not in any way limit the rights and obligations of Clayton Center Community Service Board under state and federal law.