Addictive Disease - Adult Residence

Admission Criteria

  1. Diagnosis of a substance-related disorder upon intake.  (Persons having over 1 month abstinence will not be eligible for recovery residences, unless they have been incarcerated.)
  2. The person’s served environment is characterized by at least one of the following:
    • Continued exposure to the current job, school, or living environment will make recovery unlikely, and the consumer has insufficient or severely limited resources or skills needed to maintain an adequate level of functioning without this intensity of service.
    • Family members and/or significant others living with the person are not supportive of this person’s recovery goals and/or are actively or passively opposed to his or her treatment. The person served requires structured treatment services and relief from the home environment in order to stay focused on recovery.
    • Based on past treatment and experience, the person served has not been able to abstain from substances in a less structured environment.
  3. Persons served must be able to work at least 32 hours per week
  4. If on probation or parole, the person served must have permission from his/her Probation Officer to temporarily relocate their residence to the program.
  5. Must have a verified diagnosis, current tuberculosis mantoux (TB test) and a physical exam completed within the last 30 days.
  6. Additional criteria may be required by the Department of Behavioral Health and Development Disabilities (DBHDD).


Description of Substance Abuse Residential  

Known as “My Brother’s Keeper” and “My Sister’s Keeper” (MBK/MSK), the Residential Program is short term (5 months), highly structured addictive disease residence, serving adult persons 18 years and older. MBK/MSK   provides round the clock assistance in a residential setting, in addition to helping you maintain stable housing in the community, continue with your recovery, and gain more independence. During this time, you will progress through 3 phases: Treatment, Job Search/Aftercare/Step Down, Work/Referral. Many of the persons served are referred from intake at 853 Battle Creek, however some of the persons served are referred to the program by the court system, are currently on probation or parole, or have pending legal issues.  The program operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact for this program may be made through Avery Young at 770-478-1099 during normal business hours 9am until 5pm.

Where to go:

Individuals not currently receiving services with Clayton Center begin by scheduling an intake at Clayton Center’s Adult Behavioral Health Services Center, 853 Battle Creek Road, Jonesboro, GA 30236.  Clayton Center intakes are scheduled by calling our Centralized Scheduling line at 1-844-GET-APPT (1-844-438-2778). At the time of intake, request a referral to Adult Addictive Disease Outpatient Services.


What to bring:

At the time of intake, all individuals must bring picture id, insurance information, proof of address and proof of amount and source of income.