Adult Residential

Residential Services provides an array of living arrangements in home-like settings to meet the needs of the person served despite the length or severity of their mental illness. Currently, Clayton Center offers Residential Services for individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders and developmental disabilities.  We provide Residential Services in Personal Care Home, Group Home, and Semi-Independent settings. Additionally, Clayton Center has a Shelter Plus Care program which offers Residential Services to individuals that are able to live in their own apartments. 

How do I get started in this program?

  • All individuals that are interested in receiving Residential Services must have an assessment and chart opened at the Battle Creek Intake Department.
  • All individuals must bring proper identification, proof of income, wage statements, and a list of current medications. 
  • Prior to admission to any Residential Program, all individuals will have an assessment by a representative from Residential Program and must have a current TB test on file and physical examination. 

Who uses this program?

  • Residential services are designed to assist individuals who are potentially or currently homeless.  
  • Services are also offered to individuals who are not able to manage their treatment independently and need assistance with their recovery.

What does this program do?

  • Residential offers persons served a place to live and assistance with their daily activities. 
  • Case Management services are available to individuals residing in the Semi-Independent, group home and apartment settings. 

Which services are available?

  • Daily living skills, monitoring case management and skill building are all offered with the Residential Services Department.

When are services provided?

  • Residential services are provided 24 hours per day. 

Where are services provided?

  • Clayton Center has several locations throughout Clayton County. 

What is the intended goal of this program?

  • The goal of this program is to provide a safe and caring living environment for individuals diagnosed with mental health disorders and development disabilities. 
  • Residential Services also strives to assist individuals with gaining self-sufficiency and ultimately making progress to return to the community independently.

How are services structured (group setting, 1:1, in home, etc.)?

  • Individuals are able to receive group, day, and independent services throughout our various locations within the agency.

The goal of Mental Health Residential

The goal of the Mental Health Residential services focuses on restoring and developing skills in functional areas which interfere with the individual’s ability to live in the community, regain or maintain competitive employment, develop or maintain relationships, or to independently participate in the community.

Services accommodate and support normative life patterns. Supports and services aid in developing daily livings skills, which enable individuals to manage symptoms and regain functioning that was lost due to their mental illness. Services provide the opportunity for individuals to live in the community and to decrease the impact of mental illness in their lives and their families.


To schedule or reschedule appointments with our providers, please contact our Centralized Scheduling Department at 1-844-438-2778.